You Can Add Your Logo, etc., to Your Outlook Signature

UPDATE: For a newer post with instructions for Outlook 2007, click here.

Have you seen graphics in the signature line of email messages and wondered how it’s done? It’s easy as long as you already know how to create and/or edit a signature.

First, you have to save the desired graphic inside the Microsoft Signatures folder (for your signature, write it then scan and save as a graphic). Then you’ll create a new signature (or edit a current one) in the Advanced Edit mode and insert your graphic from this folder by clicking Insert, Picture, and inserting a file saved on your computer.

Note: By default, when using Word or FrontPage as your advanced editor, a copy of the picture in the Signatures folder gets inserted automatically when you click Insert, Picture so you can ignore the instructions below.

To find the Signatures folder (if you’re on a company network, the C: path below may be something different):

  1. Right-click on Start and click Explore.
  2. Follow the path
    C:Documents and SettingsyournameApplication DataMicrosoftSignaturesThis is where you’ll save your graphic. When you get ready to insert it into your signature (in Advanced Edit mode, click Insert, Picture), it has to be inserted from this location.

P.S. Your email format should be set for HTML in order to see the logo. If you reply to a plain text email, you won’t see the logo.