WordPress Video No Longer Disappears During Edits When Using YouTube's Embed Code

I wrote a recent article and recorded a how-to video (below) on how to use a special plugin when inserting a YouTube video into a blog post. The plugin was necessary because of an unexplained bug when using the Upload/Insert video command in native WordPress. If you used it along with YouTube’s embed code, the video would disappear if you made a change to the blog post later from the Visual tab as opposed to the HTML tab.

With the newest update to WordPress (3.3), here’s what happens.

  • If you use YouTube’s video embed code and insert it into your post using the native WordPress Upload/Insert video command, the video will no longer disappear later if you make a change to the blog post on the Visual tab.
  • Over on YouTube, if you right-click on the YouTube video and click Copy video URL, then use that URL with the native WordPress Upload/Insert command, your video will disappear later if you make a change to the post from the Visual tab. In that case, you’ll need to use the method in my video below.