Will the NCAA tournaments cause a dip in productivity?

Sporting News recently reported that heavy sports enthusiasts spend on average over 31 hours a week following sports. Amazing. I spend zero minutes a year on it.

If you’re going to get caught up in the festivities of the NCAA tournaments next week, remember that the work still has to get done. Since most people work like machines when they know they’ll be off, how about pretending that you’re going on vacation next week.

Will we see a dip in productivity? It depends.

  • Slackers will use this as an excuse to do less work. If they’re surfing the net, talking sports all day, handling personal business now, they’ll just do more of it next week.
  • Conscientious employees will continue to meet goals, beat deadlines, and service the customer.

If you, as the boss or owner, are also getting caught up in it, people will do what they see you do. If you’re going to require less of them next week, you should require more from them this week.

Note: See this blog entry for more information on how people waste time at work.



  1. Thank you Cali. It often amazes me how anyone gets any work done at all…by the time they read useless blogs, talk on the cell phone all day, dig through the piles on the desk….

    Love your book title.

  2. Peggy –

    Very interesting take on the March Madness madness. We like your analogy to planning for going on vacation – it fits well with this situation.

    We always get frustrated when businesses focus on time rather than results – and this time of year is when the focus on time goes into full swing.

    So…great post! Hope others see it and think about it…

    Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson
    Creators of the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE)
    Authors of the forthcoming book “Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It”

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