Video: Use PowerPoint to Design YouTube End Screen Template (Lots of PowerPoint Tips Inside)

Use PowerPoint to Create YouTube End Screen TemplateI use PowerPoint for just about everything I need graphic-wise. I go way beyond just slides. YouTube introduced End Screens in 2016, and YouTubers can add these thumbnails to the last 5-20 seconds of their videos. They can be set up to point to your other videos, other channels, subscription link, your Website, and more.

I created my End Screen template because the thumbnails would set on top of my tips video and hide some of the information. This slide-turned-video leaves space for the video links that YouTube adds.

PowerPoint Tips You’ll Learn

Watch this video whether you have a YouTube channel or not because you’ll learn lots of PowerPoint tips. Here are some of them:

  • Resize a slide.
  • Format slide background with gradient fill.
  • Frame a slide with a rectangle shape.
  • Align objects horizontally and vertically.
  • Create more guides and also how to remove them.
  • Animate objects to appear automatically at the right time.
  • Use the Shape Tool to totally transform a shape.
  • Rotate objects.
  • Select multiple objects with your mouse.
  • And probably more that I forgot. Just watch!

Here’s My Video

And here’s my video on how I used PowerPoint to create my End Screen template (related videos are below also).

Leave a comment, Like, Share. Thank you. Feel free to leave a link to yours (if you use PowerPoint) in a comment. Would love to see it.

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