VIDEO: Insert Text and Graphics Using this Shortcut in Word – AutoText

I shake my head every time I see formal documents such as a letter or certificate “signed” with a typed signature. This is never appropriate and can be easily avoided.

A fancy font does not make it OK.

I’m not a paper person and will take the electronic route every chance I get. If I have to sign a Word document, my actual signature is saved as a graphic on my computer. If I have to sign a PDF, it’s a Custom Stamp in Adobe Acrobat and Foxit PhantomPDF.

In this video, I’ll show you how to save the graphic of your signature, etc., in a timesaving feature in Word called AutoText. Once stored as an AutoText entry, you’ll sign your document with your actual signature using a couple of clicks. Your company logo will be at your fingertips instead of two hours away as you try to find it on your computer network.

I’ve used AutoText in every version of Word that I can remember, and am still surprised users don’t take advantage of it. Anything you can display on a page and select can be turned into an AutoText entry.

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