My Three Most-Used iPhone Tips: Undo Typing, Stop Phone from Ringing, Block a Caller

You’ve probably learned a lot of iPhone tips and tricks already. These are the three that I use the most. (I’m still on the iPhone 4.)

Undo Typing

Shake the phone to UNDO. Shake again to REDO.

Stop Phone from Ringing

  • Silence. Press the Sleep/Wake button once to Silence. When you silence a call, you’ll still have a chance to answer it before it goes to voicemail.
  • Decline. Press the Sleep/Wake button twice to Decline. When you decline the call, it’s sent directly to voicemail.

Block a Caller

Go to Recents (phone calls), tap the blue (i) button next to the call. Scroll all the way down on the next screen, and tap Block this Caller.

If you have a favorite tip, please leave it in a comment below.



  1. I appreciate your 3 iPhone tips, Peggy. The first 2 worked great on my iPhone 4, and will be handy time savers.

    I couldn’t find the Block call item, however, and wonder if it is available on the iPhone 4?

    Your emails always have at least one helpful article or tip I can put to use right away. Thank you!

    Linda Willis

    1. Hey Linda, I’m also on iPhone 4. Did you scroll all the way to the bottom of the call info? That’s where mine is (and I’m using latest Apple update).

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