Turn Your Blog Into a Widget and Post It Anywhere

The scrollable box to the right of my blog with Recent Posts is called a blidget (a blog turned into a widget. In computer programming, a widget is an interface element that a user interacts with such as a button, check box, slider, drop-down list, etc.).

With my blog as a widget, every time I create a new post, the blidget is automatically updated everywhere it’s inserted, whether it’s on my Website, your Website, or wherever (about 15 minutes later). A big plus is that it’s also easy for you to create a widget of my blog and promote it in your blog or on your Website.

Go ahead. Create your own widget of my blog. Click the button Get My Widget for your site and add SUITE Minute to your Website or blog.

To create your own blidget, at http://www.widgetbox.com look down the left side and click Submit a Blidget. This free service is very intuitive and with a few clicks you’ll be finished. You’ll need your blog URL and your feed URL (my feed is with http://www.feedblitz.com).

My blidget is also on my Website. Some of my associates who don’t update their blog as much as I do have my blidget too.

Peggy Duncan, personal productivity expert