iPad Training

Put Your iPad to Work at Work

Beyond the Basics, More-Than-A-Toy iPad training for a mobile workforce

To stay productive on the go with the iPad, you’ll want to get as close as possible to how you work on a computer. For this to happen, you’ll have to dig deeper and learn more. The more tips, tricks, and workarounds you can put to use every day, the quicker you’ll get things done anywhere.

  • Explore Settings commands you have unfortunately ignored.
  • Determine what needs to get done and get the app to make it easy.
  • Organize an on-the-go toolkit of iStuff built for mobile productivity.
  • Capture and organize notes and photos and file them for cloud access.
  • Create and edit documents using tap, swipe, and flick shortcuts.
  • Explore the Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Sync and bookmark the Safari browser and navigate with ease.

Whether you want individual, customized training via SKYPE (or in person), a Webinar, a conference seminar, or a hands-on workshop, contact me directly to get started at 404-492-8197 (Eastern). For more information, visit PutIpadToWork.com.

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