The Google Calendar integrates with Outlook so sharing is easy

The question about sharing the Outlook calendar with others comes up a lot in my workshops I conduct on managing time with Outlook. If you’re on an Exchange Server it’s no problem. But what if you’re working with a virtual assistant or you’d like a family member to always know where you are? There are various solutions, but Google has taken all the pain away.

I use Outlook to its fullest. If you knew it the way I do, you wouldn’t use anything else. It never crossed my mind to use the Google Calendar until now. Google integrates with Outlook and you can easily share your calendar with the public or only with certain people that you designate. And it’s free! (Is this old news? I’m just now finding out.)

Keeping the two in sync is easy…as easy as with your PDA. Any change I make in Outlook is synched to the Google Calendar as soon as I connect to the Internet. This is just too good.


  1. If you have a blackberry you can use this feature too. Google Sync allows you to sync Blackberry calendar to the Google calendar. My BB is synced with Outlook and I can sync any change while on out of the office on the fly.

  2. Thanks JB. Did you check out Google Events? I’m creating an additional Outlook calendar to post only my public workshops and eSeminars. Then I can export that calendar to Google and open it to the public. This is awesome!

  3. You have done it again Peggy. This Google Calendar integration is going to help so many of us who rely on Outlook for our day to day scheduling. Thanks so much for this great post.

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