Tether Your BlackBerry to Your Laptop and Use as a Modem

[Post updated 12/12/2009] In an older post, “Can’t Justify an AirCard So I Use NetZero When Traveling, I discussed how I use NetZero to access the Internet when I travel within the U.S. After I thought through how I work, it didn’t make sense to spend the money for an aircard and the monthly service affiliated with using it.

Now I have an even cooler solution that’s a one-time purchase, TetherBerry

This option is perfect for me because this configuration doesn’t use cell phone minutes. I have an unlimited data plan with my provider so I’m good as long as I’m in the U.S. Also, I will not have to pay any additional tethering charge to my provider.

I’ve dropped NetZero. When I add a data plan back to my BlackBerry, I’m getting TetherBerry.


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