Video: Add a Trailer to Your YouTube Channel (for New Visitors and Subscribers)

Have you created a trailer for your YouTube channel? You can set one up for New Visitors and have the same or a different one for Returning Subscribers.

I recorded a real quick, how-to video to show you how. First, upload your video to YouTube and make it public.


When you know which buttons to click, you’ll finish work quicker so you can go home. Subscribe to Peggy Duncan-SUITE TUESDAY on YouTube. Real quick video tutorials of tech tips (mostly Office, iPad, and YouTube tips). I know you’re busy so I’m making it quick, focusing on commands I use every day. Not giving you too much at once so it’ll stick. Click!

How to Reorder YouTube Playlists and Create New Sections (with video)

One of my YouTube channel (Digitalbreakthroughs) subscribers just asked me how to reorder her playlists (I’d already created a how-to video on how to reorder videos within a playlist). This video will show you how easy it is and also how to create new sections on your channel homepage to better organize what you want people to see.

If you have a question, please either leave a comment below or over on my channel.


How to Add Your YouTube Channel Videos to Your Facebook Business Page and Rearrange the Apps (with video)

You can add your YouTube videos to your Facebook business (also called fan, brand, timeline, like) page for more exposure. This online video shows you the app I’m using and how to install it. I also show you how to  rearrange the app order so your YouTube videos show on your main page.

Once the app is installed, every time you upload a new video on YouTube, it’ll appear on your Facebook business page.

If you know other ways to make this happen, please leave a comment below.



Video Bootcamp Announcement–Promote What You Know, Do, and Sell with Video

Video is the ideal medium to showcase your talent, build excitement for your event, promote your cause, or preserve precious memories. It’ll do the work of a thousand photos, and YouTube is the perfect outlet for the job. Get found online by learning how to get started with video and building a presence on the number two search engine for free.

Small and intimate setting with lots of individual attention.

  • Uncover show ideas from the work you do every day.
  • Explore recording equipment and software for creating and editing video.
  • Discover simple techniques for planning and organizing each project upfront.
  • Learn where to promote videos that will help build traffic to your sites.
  • Use PowerPoint to create all the graphics you’ll need (the flyer below was created in PowerPoint!).
  • Explore features in YouTube that build interactivity and your brand including annotations, playlists, and social media connections.

We’ll take breaks as needed.

9.00AM-9:30AM, Arrive and set up

9.30AM-10.00AM, Review, Getting Started with Videos (A Webinar on this topic will occur before the training. You’ll be able to attend live at a date TBD).

Or watch the recording at your convenience.)

10.00AM-12.30PM, Using PowerPoint to Create Graphics and Animation for Videos

12.30PM-1.15PM, Lunch and Discussion

1.15PM-2.15PM, Editing Videos – Demo only

2.15PM-6.00PM, Build Your YouTube Channel


Join our Affiliate Program and use your coded link to send to your connections. When they click your link and register, you’ll receive $25.00 within 5 days after the training. Thank you!

Click this link to join or p://

What You Will Need

  • An Internet-ready laptop with PowerPoint loaded. If you want to create a video using PowerPoint, you’ll need version 2010. Otherwise, any version will work.
    Don’t forget your cord, external mouse, and mouse pad.
  • Two or three videos that are 2-10 minutes long saved on your computer or accessible online (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). You’ll learn ways to do this during the Webinar prior to the training. You should hold the full copyright to the videos.
    If you’re not able to record videos prior to coming to this bootcamp, we’ll do so during the breaks. 
  • Ability to be away from your cell phone. We’ll take breaks so you can check messages and email.


  • Refunds are given if you cancel your registration at least ten (10) working days before start date (minus a 25% administration fee). After that, you may send someone in your place, but you must let us know in advance. You will not be able to use payment for a future class because no-shows cost us a seat. We must do this to keep this training affordable.
  • This is an adult event (or mature teens). No exceptions. Please do not cause any embarrassment for either party and adhere to this policy.
  • Recording of any kind is prohibited. Sessions in this training will be recorded for your future viewing.
  • Dress is business or business casual, whichever is more comfortable for you. You’ll want to look your best for recording.
  • The event will be videotaped. Your registering for this event gives us permission to use your image.
  • The event is fragrance-free, please.


TCountry Inn and Suites Hotelhe Country Inn & Suites is about 7 minutes from the Atlanta International Airport (ATL). Offering free airport shuttle, WiFi, free parking, free breakfast, and a whole lot more. No pets allowed.

Free airport shuttle runs 24 hours/day every 30 minutes. You’ll go to Ground Transportation on the Domestic/North Terminal side.

Attendees are responsible for making their own travel accommodations.

Country Inn & Suites by Carlson

5100 West Fayetteville Road
(former address lists Phoenix Blvd)
College Park (Atlanta) GA 30349
(770) 991-1099
Room Rates in $70 per night range
Newly renovated and under new management 

Driving from airport or from downtown Atlanta. 85 South to 285, then 285 East. Exit Riverdale Road, right turn (do not take Riverdale Road on 85). Immediate right at the light onto Phoenix Blvd. Approximately 1 mile to stop light (past Phoenix Pointe), right turn onto West Fayetteville Road and pass Shorter University. You’ll be on it before you see the sign so as soon as you see what looks like a driveway, turn right into the hotel. Free parking.

MARTA RAIL/BUS. You can ride MARTA to the airport and catch the free Country Inn & Suites shuttle. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes, 24 hours/day. You’ll go to Ground Transportation on the Domestic/North Terminal side.

Your Trainer
Peggy Duncan is a personal productivity expert and the founder of The Digital Breakthroughs Institute, a productivity and technology training center in Atlanta, Georgia. She travels internationally helping busy people spend less time working but get more done.

She is the author of Conquer Email Overload with Outlook 2007; The Time Management Memory Jogger™; Just Show Me Which Button to Click! in PowerPoint 2007. Booklets include: Shameless Self-Promotion: Do-It-Yourself SEO; Get Organized At Work and Make It Easy; Computer Magic in Word 2007; and Up to Speed on Your BlackBerry.

Peggy has appeared on NPR, CNN, TODAY, Black Enterprise Business Report, the US Virgin Islands PBS affiliate, and Good Day Atlanta. Her expertise has been cited in Fortune Small Business, O-The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Essence, Fitness, Self, Men’s Health, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and a whole lot more. She was formally trained at IBM where she was recognized by the chairman for streamlining processes that saved the company close to a million dollars a year.

Peggy’s YouTube Channel Check out our how-to computer videos.

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Background (Video)

I’ve written a previous post on how to customize your YouTube channel background using PowerPoint. That article gets more clicks on my blog than any other.

I just created a video on how to replace the default YouTube channel background with a customized graphic that fits your brand and style.

Video – Replace YouTube Channel Background (Updated December 2011)


My Workshop and Booklet are Available – Learn More

If you want more information on building a YouTube channel, I’ve written a 24-page booklet (also an ebook) that walks you through it step by step in a logical work flow. I conduct workshops too.

Stay tuned by adding your email address to my private list (see left sidebar).

Click here for more details,


Three Resources for Creating Marketing Videos for Your Website

I made a business commitment to add more videos to my Websites and also to create more marketing videos this year. For non-marketing videos, I’ll use my Flip MinoHD camcorder (or the Webcam built into my laptop). I’ll use Camtasia to edit them, add music, slides, etc. For a slick marketing piece, I’ll need to get more creative (and spend some money). I’ve explored various options and thought you might find this helpful.

Update: Cisco has ended the Flip portable camcorder business. My next purchase will be the Kodak PlayTouch. It includes a mic jack so the sound will be so much better. (free version). Animoto automatically produces TV quality video pieces using your photos, video clips, and music. You submit everything online, click a view buttons, and taa daa!, you have your video. If you use their free version, your video will include their logo and URL. They also have a limited annual plan ($30/year) where you have to pay a small fee to add video within the finished product. The other annual license that’s $249.00 comes with unlimited, full-length videos with no branding.

Here is a sample video I created in minutes, just using photos (photos by Phil at All the animation was created on their end. I could have added video clips too. The music is my company’s official theme song. ($595.00). They’ll loan you a portable camcorder if you don’t have one. You’ll shoot your own video such as customer testimonials while they’re in the store, an employee interview, product demos, etc. Once you’re done, send the camera back in their pre-addressed envelope, and they’ll create your video with music, transitions, titles, your logo, etc.

Note: Their Website has a great article with tips for creating better videos. (free for first three months). Turnhere sends a video crew from your area to your business. A filmmaker will assemble the footage and add music, etc. You’ll be able to view the video online and make up to three edits. After approval, they’ll email you the code so you can post the video online. You can post the video online for free for three months. After that, you’ll have to pay a year’s subscription for $199.00 or you can buy the Web-quality video for $599.00. Visit Turnhere’s Website for more details.

If you’ve heard of or used something different, please leave a comment and let us know.


Update: What will you do with all the great videos you create? Why not showcase them on your own TV channel and at the same time boost your organic search engine rankings? I’ve published a new booklet titled, A Complete Guide: Create, Build, and Manage a YouTube Channel. It’s a 24-page, step-by-step guide that’s written with a logical workflow in mind. I’ll guide you through features I wish I’d known about in the beginning.

Already have a channel? How about taking it to another level? Click the YouTube logo above to visit my channel. I created the customized skin using PowerPoint. Here’s a video series I recorded that’ll teach you how to do that.

You can purchase the booklet on my Website and create a first-class YouTube channel. And also check out my booklet, Shameless Self-Promotion: DIY SEO for more help getting found online.

Create a Twitter Background Using PowerPoint (with Video Instructions)

In a previous post, I explained how I use PowerPoint for all of my graphics projects. A designer will laugh at this because they probably use software such as PhotoShop to handle complex projects. Well, I don’t know PhotoShop well enough to whip out something fast, but I know just about everything that PowerPoint can do. And for the types of projects I have, I’ve figured out how to get them done fast using this software I already have.

My latest project consisted of changing my Twitter background for my main account, and another one here @ digitalbreaks. PowerPoint gives me total control of customization.

Here’s how I did it (links to YouTube videos included below).

UPDATE: All the videos on YouTube show you how to do this in PowerPoint versions 2003 and 2007.

Ready PowerPoint for Your Design

  1. Decide on your color scheme, matching your Website, blog, etc. (or not), and sketch out a rough design. (Here are some charts that show you Web colors that match.)
  2. In PowerPoint, resize a landscape slide to 20” Width and 12.5 inches Height (click the File menu, Page Setup). Depending on your monitor and resolution, you may have to reduce the Zoom level in order to see more of your slide. Both monitors are set at resolution 1280 by 720 pixels.
  3. Either from Slide Master view or directly on the slide, change the color of your background. Make it more interesting by using two colors and experimenting with Shading styles (click the Format menu, Background, down arrow to Fill Effects, Two colors (then click the down arrow and choose colors). Try the different Shading styles. My @peggyduncan Twitter background is a dark blue and white with the Shading style, From title.

Here’s a Video – Part 1

(Rate and Comment please. Subscribe to my channel for updates.)

Place Your Graphics and Customize Your Design

  1. Display the ruler (click the View menu, Ruler).
  2. To place graphics on your slide, first set your Zoom level at 50%. The zero (0) marks the center of your slide. Using the ruler as your guide, to the left, place your graphics between 0-8.5. On the right, place them between 4.5 and 6.5.
  3. Use guides and a grid to help you line everything up (View, Grids and Guides, Display drawing guides on screen, Display grid on screen.
  4. Create more guides by hovering your mouse over one and dragging while holding down the  Ctrl key. When you’re finished and don’t need as many guides, click and drag some of them off the screen.
  5. Add any other drawing elements and graphics you want (the higher the resolution the better). Add text using a text box so it will be easier to move around (located on the Drawing toolbar. Click the Tools menu, Toolbars, Drawing).
  6. Save the slide as a PNG (click the File menu and change Save as type to PNG Portable Network Graphics Format, Current Slide Only). The final filesize can not be larger than 800k for Twitter. If you need to resize any photos (but maintain the quality), read my previous post, Resize a Bunch of Photos by the Batch.

It’s important to note that when you save your slide as a graphic, it’ll only be 96dpi. This might be good enough for your design but if it’s not as sharp as you want, check out Image Exporter from the PPTools Website. This is the software I use when I need to save my PowerPoint slides in higher resolution (about $30.00 and worth every dime), especially when I need to print them.

Here’s a Video – Part 2
Here’s a Video – Part 2.5

Add Design to Twitter as Background

Once you’re satisfied with your PowerPoint design, sign into your Twitter account.

  1. Click Settings, Design tab.
  2. Under the default theme, click Change background image, Browse to find your graphic, double-click it.
  3. Untick the tile background box (so design won’t repeat itself when viewing using different monitor resolutions), Save changes.

Tweaking It Until It’s Right

You will probably have to tweak your PowerPoint design several times and resave until you get it just the way you want it. I use two monitors: one on my laptop and a second 22?, with both set at resolution 1280 by 720 pixels. The designs looked different on both so I tweaked it as much as I could so it would look great both ways. You have no control over other people’s monitor resolutions so just do this to your satisfaction. A huge advantage of doing this in PowerPoint is that tweaking is so easy.

Now change the default colors in Twitter such as the sidebar background color, text, and links.

  1. Go back into Settings, Design tab, Change design colors.
  2. You may want to change the text, links, sidebar, and sidebar border, keeping everything color-coordinated with your new design.
  3. Click the sidebar block to select it. Now use your mouse to click desired color in the box and use the sliding bar next to it to hone in on the exact color you want. When you’re satisfied, click Done.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for each color block until you’re satisfied and click Save Changes.

Here’s a Video – Part 3

After you’ve created your new background, leave a comment and link so I can check it out.