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Free Media Player for Newer Versions of Windows – Kodi

I recently discovered that newer versions of Windows (starting with version 8.1) have no media player!

I had downloaded the free VLC player, but I had no success in playing a DVD. Kodi is a free, open-source media player for various platforms. Download it here¬†and choose the “current stable release.” Also check out the add-ons for videos, including TV networks.

The player is free and donations are accepted. This is one slick-looking, flawless player.



How to Use the Microsoft Office Picture Manager to Rotate, Crop, Resize, and Recolor Graphics and Set as Default Program (with online video)

If you currently open a picture and can only view it with the Windows Viewer, you will LOVE this option so much better. The Microsoft Office Picture Manager is another one of those free programs from Microsoft that many people are unaware of. This online video will show you how to use its various functions (crop, recolor, resize, compress, rotate, red eye removal), how to find the software on your computer, and how to make it your default picture editor.