A tornado hit Atlanta and I didn't know

A tornado whipped through downtown Atlanta last month for the first time in history. I slept through it and so did at least five other people I spoke with. In fact, we didn’t even know about the storm until our loved ones called from out of town to see if we were OK.

Why is this? Why didn’t we know? Because we rarely watch the local news or read the local newspapers (paper or online). Why? Because they’re not talking about anything except what Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are doing, or who shot John overnight.

I talked to my other “clueless” friends, and we all agreed that it’s scary to think that something this drastic happened and we didn’t know about it. So we discussed some solutions.

  1. Watch television news first thing in the morning. Nope. I’m not starting my day out with the horrors that are happening in the world. That “news” gets in your spirit and that’s what you’ll think about all day. (I keep up with what’s going on by checking news sites, but not in the morning.)
  2. Listen to the radio first thing in the morning. Nope. For the same reasons as Number 1.
  3. Depend on others to let us know what’s going on. We could do this and wait until our loved ones who watch the news let us know. But we shouldn’t put this burden on others. We have to take responsibility for our own safety.

Our discussion went on through examples like this. What did we decide on? Since we live on our computers, we downloaded The Weather Channel Desktop for Atlanta. Now every day, all day, I have a visual of what is going on in my town…at least weather-wise.

Peggy Duncan, Time Management Expert