14+ Windows 7 Tips in 14 Minutes for End Users (with video)

I’m going to record a lot more videos in 2012 and build up my TV channel on YouTube (Suite Minute with Peggy Duncan). I bought a more powerful laptop so I could upgrade and buy different video editing software. The laptop came pre-loaded with Windows 7, and this is my first exposure to it. I figured I may as well make a recording of what I was learning. The video below covers the features I’ve been using every day. It’s 12+ (at least 14) tips in just under 14 minutes..

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What You’ll Learn in Windows 7

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Windows 7 Tips for End Users Time on Video

Show day of week on the Taskbar


Shortcut to Windows Desktop called  Aero Peek (I use this mostly to see my weather gadget on my Desktop)


Add program shortcuts to the Taskbar


Add a folder to the Taskbar for quick access


Open multiple instances of programs and browsers


Customize: Start menu, Jump List; add Run command


Search for a program and add to Start menu


Aero Shake: Hide/unhide multiple windows at once (I’ve used this when I’ve wanted to drag a file to my Desktop quickly)


Windows Explorer: Your computer’s filing cabinet


Resizing, maximizing a window by dragging


Using a dual monitor setup


Preview pane to see files before you open


Eliminate need to do a hard refresh


Create a System Repair Disc (an emergency reboot disc)