I’m Standing Up to Work. Here’s My Home Office Setup

I’d been reading a lot about the benefits of standing up to work (or in other words, not sitting all day). Last week, I started configuring my home office, and wanted to avoid buying anything. Here’s what I did.

I already had the sturdy snack table, and it fit perfectly on my laptop table. I took a shelf from the table, and put it on top of the snack tray. That gave me enough expansion for my mouse (I’d ordered a mouse tray, but it didn’t work for my table).

Peggy Duncan on Standing Up to WorkUnderneath the snack table is a wireless keyboard I already had that works with my laptop. I use it when I want to sit down to work (haven’t done that much yet). I adjust the laptop screen and type on this keyboard so I don’t have to move the laptop.

With this setup, I still have access to my dual monitor and microphone.

Standing has gotten easier, and it wears me out enough to sleep even harder. Comfortable shoes make the difference.

Have you tried standing up to work? Leave a comment to explain.