VIDEO: Embed Downloaded Fonts Into a Document You Share or Show on Different Computers

In a previous video, I showed you how to find and install fonts on your computer. If you use these installed fonts in a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, etc., you’ll want to embed them when you save. This is especially important if you’re sharing a document or you’re presenting on a different computer, and those fonts may or may not be installed.

If you create a template to base future documents on, click to embed fonts in it so you don’t have to remember to do this every time.

embed fontsThis video shows you how to embed fonts into your documents: True Type Fonts (TTF), created by Apple decades ago; and Open Type Fonts (OTF), more robust fonts created by Adobe and Microsoft.

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NOTE: After I installed all the fonts, I moved the files into a separate INSTALLED folder. This way, as I download more, I’ll only deal with the new ones.


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