Eliminate Duplicate Contacts in Outlook

If you’re experiencing a lot of duplicate contacts in Outlook caused by syncing your PDA, it’s easy to get rid of them with the right software. I found a free download on CNET, Outlook Duplicate Item Remover (ODIR) and so far, it’s working.

Once the software is loaded, you’ll see a new menu item in Outlook, ODIR. Click it, click Remove Duplicate Items,  choose the folder you want to check and go from there (in my case, the Contacts folder). I have thousands of contacts so it takes about 10 minutes to process the folder.

The duplicate items get moved to a new personal folder in Contacts view (named ODIR Duplicate Items). I open that folder, Ctrl+A to select all the items, Delete, then reselect your main contact folder to reopen.

Simple as that and I’m done.