Small Business Owners Want to Know How to Get Found Online on a Budget

I presented my shameless self-promotion seminar for SCORE Chicago recently. The standing-room-only crowd of small business owners was totally into it. Lots of great questions and comments. Jo Anne Cano, Vice President of A.J. Smith Federal Savings Bank, said: “Thank you so much. Your presentation on Tuesday at SCORE was awesome. It gave me lots of great tips and I hope to put them to good use.”

My secrets to getting boatloads of publicity are detailed in my booklet, Shameless Self-Promotion: DIY SEO. And I’d love to travel to your next event to speak live, or we can meet on the Web. If you’re interested, contact me directly.

This seminar and ebook outline is as follows:

  • Get Your Website Ready.
  • Promote What You Know.
  • Find Out What the Media Wants.
  • Find Time to Do All This.

I put all this together because people kept asking me how I get so much major publicity without a public relations agency. This is beginning to be one of my favorite things to teach.

Here are a few of my tips in this
FREE slideshow titled Blogging Your Way Up the Google Ladder.