How to Stay Focused When You're Working on Multiple Projects

I need to stay focused on several different projects simultaneously, and they all have different deadlines. Too many things are falling through the cracks (mine and my staff). How can I stay focused on each project without neglecting anything?

It’s not how much work you’re doing, it’s why and how you’re doing it. Look at each project individually and make sure it’s worth everyone’s time. Then figure out how to get it done with the least amount of time and effort. With better processes, it’ll be easier to train your employees sufficiently and this results in their having fewer questions.

Get started by organizing everything related to a project using a product that fits the job: a work folder, file drawer, binder, etc. This will help you avoid having everything you’re working on out on your desk at once, keeping you distracted and overwhelmed. You’ll start thinking more clearly too.

You should also schedule time to work on each project and avoid jumping from one to the next. You’ll get more done if you focus on one thing at a time and either finish it or get it to a logical stopping point. Don’t let multitasking rob you of the satisfaction that comes from completing something.

Technology can help too. Whatever you’re working on, technology you probably already have will make it easier. For years, software has come with features that can reduce hours of tedious, mundane work down to the time it takes you to blink. But, unfortunately, few people seek training and companies cut it first during tight times.

Without realizing it, you may have continued to work as you always have, never considering there might be a better way. Stop long enough to think about this and work to streamline and document everything, step by logical step. If you and your employees start to work like this, you’ll have sufficient time to get everything done.