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How to Cancel a Linkedin Connect Request You Meant to Customize (video)

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve clicked the Connect button on Linkedin only to realize you won’t be able to customize the message? Unless you’re on that person’s profile page, that’s going to happen.


Here’s how to cancel a request if it hasn’t been acted on. (Kudos to Linkedin expert, Dave Byrnes, for this tip.)

I wonder if this will be addressed in the upcoming update. I’ll update the video if I need to.


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How to Delete Multiple Messages on the LinkedIn Free Account

Did I miss something? I’ve searched and see no way to do this. School me if I’m wrong.
It’s unbelievable that on the free LinkedIn you STILL cannot easily delete multiple messages. They just pile up, year after year.
I found this video on YouTube that shows how to delete multiple messages, but still no way to delete all at once.
And this is the code you’ll need. (When I use this, I first click to show all Unread messages.)
$(‘.delete-action’).each(function() { $(this).click(); $(‘button.yes-btn’).click(); });

If you know a better way, please leave in the Comments.



How to Frame a Photo and Upload to Your LinkedIn Profile (with videos)

I wanted my photo on LinkedIn to stand out so I framed it. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Create a new PowerPoint file, and click Insert, Picture, double-click desired picture to insert onto the slide.
  2. Click the picture to select it. The Format tab appears.
  3. Choose a frame or orientation (on the Format tab, in the Picture Styles group).
  4. Choose frame (Outline) color (in the Picture Styles group).
  5. Change height and width (in the Size group). Mine is 1.66″ H and 1.2″ W.
  6. Right-click on the picture, Save as Picture. (When you right-click, you might see Move, Copy. Reposition the mouse and try again.)
  7. Edit your LinkedIn profile to add your picture (see video below).


Uploading Contacts to LinkedIn from a File–Staying Connected (with video)

I made a commitment for 2014 to do a better job staying connected with past and current clients by first connecting with them on LinkedIn. I’d exported ONLY my Client category from Outlook into a .csv file and had to figure out how to upload that to LinkedIn. Here’s a quick video to show you how.

How are you planning on staying connected with your clients? Please leave a comment below.


How to Reorder or Rearrange Groups in LinkedIn Navigation (with video)

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ve probably joined lots of interest groups. You can rearrange the group order so when you want to visit, your favorites are at the top. Here’s a how-to video that shows you how easy it is to reorder the navigation.

This video was updated on December 9, 2013.

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How to Not Send a Lame, Generic Connect Message on LinkedIn (with video)

When you connect with someone on #LinkedIn from their profile, you have an opportunity to add a personal message to remind them how you know each other or to let them know why you should connect. But right after that, the People You May Know screen comes up. If you click Connect from there, that lame, generic connect message goes right to them…no opportunity to add a message.

This video shows you how to send a personal message from that screen.

Hope you’ll use it.

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How to Add Videos or Files to Your LinkedIn Profile – Create a NEW Professional Portfolio (with video)

It’s now so much easier to add videos and other files to your LinkedIn Profile in what is now called a Professional Portfolio. This feature started rolling out on May 1, 2013 so if you don’t have it at this writing, you will soon.

Here’s how it works.

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How to AutoPost Your Blog to Other Social Media Accounts for Better Time Management

When I write a new blog post, I don’t want to have to visit all my other social media sites to post it. When I publish a new post, it automatically goes to Facebook (personal and business pages), LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus. Here’s how I autopost (times vary and posting isn’t always immediate so be patient).

Facebook: From your main page, search for the app, Networked Blogs. When it comes up, register your blog and be sure to syndicate it for automatic publishing. Create auto updates to your personal and business pages.

Google Plus. The WordPress plugin, WPGPlus will autopost your new articles to your Google+ profile. After you install the plugin, go into Settings and add your Google Plus email address and password.

LinkedIn: Add the app, Blog Link (or WordPress if that’s your platform). They both link directly to your blog from LinkedIn. To find the app, click More, Other Applications, choose Blog Link or WordPress.

Twitter: If you use WordPress, try a plugin such as Tweetilyto automatically tweet your new posts. After you install the plugin, go into it’s settings and make desired changes (I changed the “Minimum age of post” to zero and the Random Time to 1.)

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter auto updates: Twitterfeed.com is another option to autopost to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. When you use a bit.ly link, you can track stats.

Take a few minutes now to set this up and save time later. If you have other ways to autopost, please leave a comment below.