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How to Add a Video (and Other Media) to Your Linkedin Profile (video)

If you haven’t added video or other media to your Linkedin profile to showcase your service or product, what are you waiting for? It’s quick and easy (I recorded from a free Linkedin account before the anticipated update).


Here’s how to insert a video from YouTube, an article from a Website, and a file. Thank you for watching.



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About Suite Tuesday: How-to video series produced by Peggy Duncan. Realquick tech videos with tips that will help you finish work quicker so you can go home. Explained in plain English without any fluff. Free to share.

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About the Author: Peggy Duncan is an award-winning, international personal productivity expert, conference speaker, consultant, and coach. She uses her skills as a professional organizer, project manager, and computer trainer to help busy professionals spend less time working but get more done.

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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: a Professional Portfolio (with video tutorials)

LinkedIn is the number one social media site for getting business. Whether you’re job hunting, recruiting, or promoting your business and expertise, it’s the place to be. I put together this compilation of how-to videos I’d recorded that will improve your profile.

For more videos on LinkedIn, I’ve included my LinkedIn Playlist. I hope you’ll find some tips you can use.

How to Add Videos and Files to Your Profile (Create a Professional Portfolio)