Optimize Images for Search Engines Before Uploading to Flickr

Before uploading photos to sharing sites such as Flickr, take a few minutes to change the filename and use some of your keywords. This is a largely untapped way to boost your search engine rankings.

I had some great photos from a recent event (the grand opening of my new training facility, The Digital Breakthroughs Institute). Before uploading the photos to Flickr, I did a couple of things first.

Rename photos by the batch. I didn’t want to upload the photos using the weird names from the digital camera. Those filenames show up in the search engines so I wanted to use this opportunity to display my keywords. Here’s how to rename all your photos at once.

  1. Find the photos you want to upload. Make this simpler by putting all the photos in one folder.
  2. Click to select all the photos you want to rename.
  3. Right-click on the first photo in the bunch, and click Rename.
  4. Give this photo a good name, using your keywords. Press Enter when you’re finished. All the photos will have the same name, but will be numbered separately.

Resize the photos by the batch. If your files are huge and you need to resize them, don’t do it one photo at a time. Here is a blog post titled, Resize a Bunch of Photos by the Batch I wrote that gives instructions on how to do this (and read readers’ comments for more solutions).

Once the photos are uploaded, tag each one and add descriptions using more of your keywords. And make sure you add links to your Website in the Description field.