How to Show Your Google Plus Profile and Other Links on Your YouTube Channel (video)

The Google Plus and YouTube integration has taken a giant step. You’ll no longer have to upload videos from your YouTube channel to Google Plus. If you show your Google Plus profile on your YouTube channel, your channel will appear on Google Plus. Yes!

Here’s a quick video I recorded to demo how to do it (on a non-partner channel).

If search engine optimization is part of your business marketing strategy, Google Plus and YouTube are definitely the place to be.

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A Quick Way to Recover a Deleted Blog Post or File – Google's Cache

I was fixing some broken links in various blog posts using the WordPress plugin, Broken Link Checker. As I was working my way down the list of broken links, I clicked the wrong command and deleted the whole post.

My blog is backed up so I didn’t panic, but I would have had to take several steps to retrieve an individual file from the backup or pay my hosting company $75.00 to restore my entire blog. Neither of those solutions appealed to me, especially since I would have lost all the work I’d done repairing all those broken links.

Then I remembered Google’s cached pages.

Google takes a snapshot of each page it examines and caches (stores) that version as a backup. Since practically every search result includes a Cached link, I knew I stood a good chance of recovering my file the free and easy way. Here’s what I did.

UPDATE: In a newer post, I recorded a how-to video.

  1. Put the title of the blog post I’d deleted into Google’s search box and found the link to it on the first page of results.
  2. Held  the mouse over the result, and a double chevron appeared >>. Held my mouse over that to see a preview of my site.
  3. Click Cached (if you get an error message, try a different browser),

When I click Cached, up popped my blog post I’d deleted!

A quick copy and paste onto a blank post page had the article fully restored. And since my images were still stored, they appeared in all the right places. I wanted to make sure the link to my post wouldn’t be broken so I was careful to type the title exactly as the original.

Google saved the day! And sometimes, Yahoo will (when you can’t find what you’re looking for in Google, try

So when things happen, don’t panic. Think!



Shameless Self-Promotion Defined

When it comes to training, I like to stay in my lane and stick to teaching what I know and love. For me, that’s personal productivity and teaching people how to work smarter: get organized, streamline processes, and use technology the right way.

But then something kept happening.

People started to ask me how I was getting so much national, major publicity. They wanted to know who my publicist was. I’d say “Google.” Huh? Yep, Google. I don’t have to pitch stories because journalists find me on the first page of organic searches when they’re looking for someone with my expertise. Prospective clients do too. Lucky for me, although I didn’t know what search engine optimization (SEO) was back then, everything I was doing was it.

I started sharing the tactics I’d used, then I gave a few seminars about it, then I wrote an ebook.

My Shameless Self-Promotion: Do-It-Yourself SEO (link is to my ebook) seminar is becoming the most popular speaking request I receive, particularly when the audience is business owners.

At a recent American Express event, getting found online was the number one thing business owners wanted to talk about. So I’m going with the flow, veering a little out of my lane, and giving people what they want.

So what do I mean by shameless self-promotion? It’s not going around patting yourself on the back telling everyone who will listen how wonderful you are. My definition is that you use every opportunity you have and every marketing tool you have access to to promote what you know. Help people. Deliver value. As you promote what you know online (blog posts, how-to videos, press releases, social media, etc), the search engines will eat it up.

So how are you promoting what you know?