Get to a Folder Quickly When you Want to Open It

I’ve set up various ways to quickly get to documents I work with a lot. One way is by adding folders to the Places bar (it’s the bar on the left of this dialog box (under Look in:) that appears when you click the Open toolbar button (or click Ctrl+O) inside your favorite software.

It’s easy to add more folders to this bar.

  1. Open Word XP or higher (or other Office software).
  2. Click the File menu, Open (or click Ctrl+O, or click the Open toolbar button). Browse to the folder you want added to the Places Bar, and select it.
  3. With the desired folder selected, click the Tools menu, Add to “My Places”. The folder you selected will appear in the Places menu (you might have to click the drop-down arrow to see it).
  4. Reorder the folder placement by right-clicking it and clicking Move Up until you get it to the desired position.
  5. Later, to remove a place, go back to where you started (e.g., if you were in Word when you created the folder, go back to Word), and press Ctrl+O to access the Open dialog box. Then right-click the folder and click Remove. If Remove is grayed out, you didn’t go back to where you started.