My Adobe Reader Form Fields are Blank When Emailed. I Found a Free Solution in FoxIt Reader

I avoid printing paperwork, and I’d always used Adobe Acrobat to fill in PDF forms using the Typewriter command. I have an old version that worked perfectly, but something happened during a product update, and I lost the Typewriter command.

Now I’m ticked, thinking that I’d have to buy a newer (and expensive) version. Went to the Adobe Website and bam! I had no idea that I could complete forms using the free Adobe Reader. I completed the form, saved it, and then opened it in my old version of Acrobat. I received an error message, and the form was blank. But when I opened it inside Reader, it appeared to be fine.

Until I emailed it to the client. The form was blank.

I researched a little on the Adobe site, and it appears that this is a common problem. My client had created an interactive form in a newer version of Acrobat than I had. The problem is apparently related to how they created the form.

After reading through comments from people with the same problem, someone mentioned the free FoxIt Reader as an alternative. I downloaded it, and the first thing I noticed was its Typewriter command! I used it to complete the form. I emailed it to the client, and it’s all good.

Signing the PDF

I’d already scanned my actual signature and saved it as a graphic. I can use it with FoxIt almost the same way I do with Adobe Acrobat (see how-to video below). Either on the Home tab, in the Protect group, choose Create Signature and upload it.

Or on the Comments tab in the Stamps group, choose to create a Custom Stamp, and upload the signature graphic. If you go from the Home tab, you’ll have an opportunity to assign a password to be able to insert the signature.

Download FoxIt here.

UPDATE: I recently had to delete some pages from a PDF. My old version of Acrobat wouldn’t allow me to because the document had interactive form fields. The free FoxIt Reader does not have this capability. I downloaded a trial version of FoxIt Standard, and under the Organize tab, I deleted the pages. I’ll purchase this software once the trial period is over. It can do everything I need for a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat.

Signing a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

If you’re using Adobe Acrobat, here’s a video I recorded awhile back on how to sign PDFs and also a Word document.