Use Copy2Contact to Turn Text on a Page to an Outlook Contact

One of the tips I demo in my Outlook class is how I turn text on a Web page, inside an email message, or a document into a contact with all the information popping into the right place. If I can select the text, I can grab it.

The first time I selected text on a page and hit my hotkey, I couldn’t believe what Copy2Contactâ„¢ (formerly anagram) did. I had been cutting and pasting or dragging information onto an Outlook contact page and always dreaded it.

If you prefer working smart and don’t hesitate to invest in affordable technologies that work and will save you time, you’ll love it. You’ll use this technology every day to turn text on an electronic page into a digital contact (or calendar item, task, or note).

It’s easy.
Download a free trial today! and stop dragging, copying, pasting, typing.
You will love this software.
Peggy Duncan Personal Productivity Expert