(VIDEO) Paste Text from a PDF to Word and Fix the Short Paragraphs with this Shortcut

Did you end up with a bunch of short lines of text when you copied text in a PDF and pasted it to Word? You had a paragraph mark (or manual line break) at the end of each line instead of only when there is a new paragraph (or new line).

I’m talking about these things. They’re the culprits. I’ll show you how to find out if they’re there and how to get rid of them.

Have you gone through an entire document line by line deleting these? You’ll be happy to know you won’t have to again. You can use Word’s Find and Replace command to clean your entire document with just a few keystrokes.

Would you agree that when you know which buttons to click, you can finish work quicker and go home?


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Video: How to Sign a PDF Without Printing It: Create a Custom Stamp with Your Signature in Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Phantom PDF

You don’t have to print a document just to sign it. When I receive a contract from a client, it’s usually a PDF. I created a Custom Stamp in Adobe Acrobat that’s an image of my actual signature. With a couple of clicks, I pop it onto the document and email it right back.

I’ve explained the entire process in the video below. Take a few minutes to set this up, and start saving time, paper, and ink.

  1. Write your signature on white paper.
  2. Scan (or photograph in good lighting) the signature, and save in the .PNG format (for best quality). Crop as needed.
  3. BONUS: Insert the image into PowerPoint (or Word), crop more if needed, make the background transparent, and save the new transparent image.
  4. Create the Custom Stamp in Adobe Acrobat.
  5. BONUS: Use an Adobe Acrobat competitor, Foxit Phantom PDF, to do this (the app I currently use).

Hope this helps. Feel free to comment and share. #SuiteTuesday



Change a PDF to a Graphic (jpeg, TIF, etc.)

I received a PDF and needed to change it to a graphic. This way, I’d have more flexibility when I needed to insert it in various documents. I’m using an older version of Adobe Acrobat (7.0) and although I saw theĀ  option to File, Save As, jpeg, it didn’t work for me.

Here is what I ended up doing.

  1. Open the PDF in a graphic program (I use Paint Shop Pro and also PhotoShop Elements).
  2. Click the File menu, Save As, choose desired graphic format.

That’s it!


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