Syncing Your Computer Files with Google Drive for Immediate Access

I’m using a mixture of cloud sites to store some of my files. I’m creating videos using two computers that aren’t networked, and having the raw files in the cloud sure does help. Google Drive (free with 5GB of storage) is the one I’m depending on the most.

One tip a colleague, Richard Byrd of RealSource Marketing, helped me with would have saved me a lot of time and frustration had I known upfront. I was adding files to the Google Drive folder on my computer, but they weren’t showing up online immediately when I switched to the other computer. Here’s Richard’s tip: “If I want something in Google Drive to be immediately available on all computers, then I will upload it directly to Google Drive instead of just putting it in the Google Drive folder on my desktop.” Ah-hah! So that’s what I was doing wrong. So many times, simple tips like this help us become so much more productive.

How To: To manually add files or folders to Google Drive online, click the Upload button (the blue arrow in this graphic). Or with the Google Drive folder you want to add the files/folders to open, just drag them from your computer to the Google Drive file manager (the red arrow in this graphic). Once the upload is complete, you’ll have immediate access.

Thanks, Richard!