Spend Your Time Doing Things That Matter

In a recent time management seminar I conducted, one of the attendees said she was so happy to have a BlackBerry. She said now she can sit in meetings and get her email done. I said, “Excuse me, did I hear you right? You use meetings to do email?”

I’d heard it right.

So I asked, “Why go to the meeting if you’re not engaged and respecting everyone’s time and the facilitator’s message by paying attention?” She said, “Oh, I have no interest in the meeting and don’t need to know whatever is being discussed.”

By now, I’m absolutely floored and asked, “Then why go to the meeting? You’re in this training because you want to free up more time, so please explain to me why you would bother going to a meeting, or doing anything for that matter, if it adds no value.”

Therein lies a major point. Spend your time and your money on things that add value to your life and your business. And to her response of “I’ve always gone and they expect me to,” reexamine everything you do and ask why. Then decide whether it deserves your precious time. Then do something about it.



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