September is National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month, and I have included enough information in my blog to help you get ready. Anything could happen anytime…naturally or man-made.
A backup is not a backup

if it’s not offsite.

Here is a list of articles in my blog you’ll want to revisit.

And on another note, a key element of preparedness is getting paperwork organized. For all the help you need with this, check out my eBook, Get Organized So You Can Think! You’ll learn how to prepare a logical filing system (particularly for office paperwork and computer files) so you can find anything you need the instant you need it. Word templates that I created that will make this easy and a File Index to get you started are attached.

(The templates make it easy to create file labels. The File Index is a complete layout of a filing system that you can tweak to fit your needs.)

Don’t just file stuff. Create a system so you can find it later. And don’t keep junk or send it to storage.

Schedule some time to take care of this soon…this week? this weekend? When?