Register Your Domain and Host Your Site in One Place to Simplify Your Life

Having recently come to my senses, I dropped two hosting companies and moved all my Websites to one (you can host multiple sites under one package by adding them as add-on domains). I also transferred domain registrations to that same company.

The Way It Was

I had registered two domains with GoDaddy, one with Network Solutions, and the others with BlueHost. I was using three different Web hosts (Network Solutions, LunarPages, and BlueHost) because I didn’t want all my sites with one company in case something would happen to one of them, I’d have something else going on with another one. That was crazy, especially since I have all the sites automatically backing up to DropBox (I don’t think I had that when I started out so maybe that’s why I set them up separately).

What I Changed

I just went through a multi-step process to change my domain registrars and Web hosts. What a process! You have to get authorization codes from the current domain registrar to move, verify and reverify. Then make changes with the hosting. I won’t bore you with the details, but take my advice and register your domain and also host your sites with the same company.

The Results

Now that I’ve simplified my life, saved some time, and cut my costs, I feel much more organized with the whole mess.

I’m going BlueHost all the way and feel so much more organized. Their customer service is just better than any other company I’ve tried, and I’ve had no problems with the sites I was hosting there.


BlueHost. Web hosting and domain registration.

Dropbox. My online vault for automatically backing up/synching my files.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin. Set it and forget it.