Q&A How Can I Stay Focused When Working from Home?

I run a business out of my home and I have difficulty staying focused on the business when I get distracted by projects around the house as well as family coming and going. How can I retain a laser-like focus on my business in a home business environment?

Just as you will for work, you’ll have to stop long enough to put systems in place for getting everything done at home.

Assess interruptions. If you do an assessment of what your family continues to interrupt you for, you can make simple changes to reduce them (e.g., putting an item in a smaller container and moving it to a lower shelf in the refrigerator to give a child easier access).

Establish boundaries. Set up office hours just as you would in a traditional environment, and make it clear what constitutes a worthy interruption (e.g., the stove is on fire).

Get organized. You should give up your job of running the lost and found department at home. Everyone should get organized in a manner that works for them so they can find whatever they need without you.

Create routines. To make scheduling work easier, it’ll help if you establish routines. For example, you might cook meals, wash clothes, etc., during the day. It’ll work better if you create a routine to perhaps cook for the week early every Saturday morning. To get the laundry done, set a date every week to head to the laundromat. You’ll use ten machines at once instead of washing on one machine all week at home. Take something to work on and something to read.

If you make these changes and still find it hard to stay focused, you have to accept that you may lack the necessary discipline to work from home.

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