(Video) How to Export a PowerPoint Presentation to Video

If you add animation to one or more slides, or timed transitions between them, you can save the presentation as a high resolution video that is sized for the big screen. This video shows you how to export a slide that’s already created, not how to create the slide and add animations (I’ll create a different video for that).

Note: I recorded this video in PowerPoint 2013, and although the output provides the option for 1080p resolution, native PowerPoint would only output to 720p. UPDATE: I’ve found an Add-In from a PowerPoint expert that outputs to 1080p. http://skp.mvps.org/videotools.htm


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VIDEO: How to Type International Characters in Office Software Using AutoCorrect to Do It Automatically

You can create text with accented characters once and after that, your Microsoft Office software will change it automatically using AutoCorrect (I tried this in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote).

In this video, I changed the English “e” to an accented one. (Microsoft has a list of what to type to get other characters at the link below the video.)


Check out this link to more shortcuts for typing various international characters on the Microsoft Support site. And here’s a similar article on inserting symbols.


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Video: Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcut: Print Current Page in Word With a Macro

When I work in a multiple page document, I often want to print only the current page I’m working on. One way to finish work quicker is to create your own keyboard shortcut when one doesn’t already exist.

To create a keyboard shortcut, you can either find the computer code someone has posted and figure out what to do with it, or you can create your own shortcut by recording your own macro. But don’t worry about the code. All that’s in the background, and you won’t even have to see it.

In the video below, I’m using Word 2013. However, recording a macro has worked the same in all versions of Word I’ve ever used.


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Video: How to Find Out How Much RAM Your Computer Has (Windows 10)

You don’t have to have a DUH moment when a support person asks you how much RAM your computer has. RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It’s short-term space your computer uses for the software and projects you’re currently have open.

The more RAM you have, the more software and documents you can have open at once, and it’s one of the factors on how faster your machine processes data. Check other technical sources for more understanding.

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Video: How to Collect and Use Multiple Items from Office Clipboard

You can save up to 24 items in your Microsoft Office Clipboard. Cut and copy items from various sources, including the Internet, and they’ll all be there until you turn off your computer. You’ll find them using the Dialog Box Launcher.

No more freaking out when you copy something on top of something else, thinking you’ve lost it. This quick video will save the day. Help others in your network by sharing this video.

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Video: Shortcut to Increase-Decrease Font Size in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

I’m pretty sure I use this shortcut every day. When I want to increase or decrease text to a certain size that I’m not sure of, I don’t go back and forth to the ribbon or use any command that requires me to choose a size.

Here’s my favorite shortcut that I use in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It’s not the one you may have been using.


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Video: How to Sign a PDF Without Printing It: Create a Custom Stamp with Your Signature in Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Phantom PDF

You don’t have to print a document just to sign it. When I receive a contract from a client, it’s usually a PDF. I created a Custom Stamp in Adobe Acrobat that’s an image of my actual signature. With a couple of clicks, I pop it onto the document and email it right back.

I’ve explained the entire process in the video below. Take a few minutes to set this up, and start saving time, paper, and ink.

  1. Write your signature on white paper.
  2. Scan (or photograph in good lighting) the signature, and save in the .PNG format (for best quality). Crop as needed.
  3. BONUS: Insert the image into PowerPoint (or Word), crop more if needed, make the background transparent, and save the new transparent image.
  4. Create the Custom Stamp in Adobe Acrobat.
  5. BONUS: Use an Adobe Acrobat competitor, Foxit Phantom PDF, to do this (the app I currently use).

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Video: How to Add a Video (and Other Media) to Your Linkedin Profile

If you haven’t added video or other media to your Linkedin profile to showcase your service or product, what are you waiting for? It’s quick and easy (I recorded from a free Linkedin account before the anticipated update, and this still works).


Here’s how to insert a video from YouTube, an article from a Website, and a file.

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