How to Block UNKNOWN (or Anonymous) Callers in Google Voice (with video)

I was inundated with junk calls that read UNKNOWN in the Caller ID with calls coming into Google Voice. That was driving me nuts. Three, four, eight times a day those calls would come in, and I’d just ignore them.

Fortunately, my Google Voice number is the one that I publicize. I’d tried the Block function for the caller, but it didn’t work at all.

Here’s what did. Here’s what did. I went into Google Settings and changed the option for anonymous callers. When the anonymous call comes in, Google Voice has no phone numbers to forward the calls to.


Online Video – How to Create Posts for Multiple Blogs Using Microsoft Windows Live Writer 2012 (with video)

Blogging with Windows Live Writer - video tutorialPainless blogging! One reason you might put off blogging or making updates to your site is the technology behind it. Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer is a free, easy, WYSIWYG desktop application you can use to create and publish blog posts and pages whether you use WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, or TypePad. It syncs with your sites, and you can create posts and pages online or offline at the park. It’s included in the full download of Windows Essentials.

Are you maintaining multiple sites? No problem! You can access all of them from this one interface.

The timesaving features in this FREE software from Microsoft® are built for people who would rather do it themselves but don’t know how. Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do right from your Windows desktop.

  • Manage multiple blog accounts from one place and publish from your desktop.
  • Insert pictures or simply copy and paste them onto the page.
  • Set default properties once for objects you insert and forget it.
  • Insert videos from your computer or YouTube and other services.
  • Download its own set of plug-ins that make enhancing your posts easy.

Webmasters – You’ll be able to create your client’s blog or Website, direct them to this training, and move on to your next project.

Site Owners – You won’t have to wait or beg anyone to update your site because you’ll be able to easily do this yourself!

Learn How – Online Course Available

I’ve recorded an online course with multiple videos to show you how to use this timesaving software. I broke the information down into bite-sized chunks, and put them all in one place on my membership Website, (short for The Digital Breakthroughs Institute, my company). For only $47.00, you’ll have lifetime access to the video series so you can learn and do refreshers at your convenience.

Sample of What You Will Learn

The video below demos how to create a blog post in Windows Live Writer and insert a video from YouTube. To help you learn how to use everything Windows Live Writer has to offer, check out my video series that breaks everything down into small chunks that make learning easy!


Syncing Your Computer Files with Google Drive for Immediate Access

I’m using a mixture of cloud sites to store some of my files. I’m creating videos using two computers that aren’t networked, and having the raw files in the cloud sure does help. Google Drive (free with 5GB of storage) is the one I’m depending on the most.

One tip a colleague, Richard Byrd of RealSource Marketing, helped me with would have saved me a lot of time and frustration had I known upfront. I was adding files to the Google Drive folder on my computer, but they weren’t showing up online immediately when I switched to the other computer. Here’s Richard’s tip: “If I want something in Google Drive to be immediately available on all computers, then I will upload it directly to Google Drive instead of just putting it in the Google Drive folder on my desktop.” Ah-hah! So that’s what I was doing wrong. So many times, simple tips like this help us become so much more productive.

How To: To manually add files or folders to Google Drive online, click the Upload button (the blue arrow in this graphic). Or with the Google Drive folder you want to add the files/folders to open, just drag them from your computer to the Google Drive file manager (the red arrow in this graphic). Once the upload is complete, you’ll have immediate access.

Thanks, Richard!

How to Submit a Web Page or Site to Google for Indexing Using Webmaster Tool Google Fetch

I created a Webpage announcing a workshop I’m giving on building a YouTube channel. Google will index this page pretty quickly, but I wanted to hurry it along. I sent the page to them instead of waiting for them to index my site.

I don’t do this every time I add something because Google will take care of it pretty quickly. But I wanted this indexed right away because it’s time sensitive.


How to Use the Microsoft Office Picture Manager to Rotate, Crop, Resize, and Recolor Graphics and Set as Default Program (with online video)

If you currently open a picture and can only view it with the Windows Viewer, you will LOVE this option so much better. The Microsoft Office Picture Manager is another one of those free programs from Microsoft that many people are unaware of. This online video will show you how to use its various functions (crop, recolor, resize, compress, rotate, red eye removal), how to find the software on your computer, and how to make it your default picture editor.



How to Add Your YouTube Channel Videos to Your Facebook Business Page and Rearrange the Apps (with video)

You can add your YouTube videos to your Facebook business (also called fan, brand, timeline, like) page for more exposure. This online video shows you the app I’m using and how to install it. I also show you how to  rearrange the app order so your YouTube videos show on your main page.

Once the app is installed, every time you upload a new video on YouTube, it’ll appear on your Facebook business page.

If you know other ways to make this happen, please leave a comment below.



How to AutoPost Your Blog to Other Social Media Accounts for Better Time Management

When I write a new blog post, I don’t want to have to visit all my other social media sites to post it. When I publish a new post, it automatically goes to Facebook (personal and business pages), LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus. Here’s how I autopost (times vary and posting isn’t always immediate so be patient).

Facebook: From your main page, search for the app, Networked Blogs. When it comes up, register your blog and be sure to syndicate it for automatic publishing. Create auto updates to your personal and business pages.

Google Plus. The WordPress plugin, WPGPlus will autopost your new articles to your Google+ profile. After you install the plugin, go into Settings and add your Google Plus email address and password.

LinkedIn: Add the app, Blog Link (or WordPress if that’s your platform). They both link directly to your blog from LinkedIn. To find the app, click More, Other Applications, choose Blog Link or WordPress.

Twitter: If you use WordPress, try a plugin such as Tweetilyto automatically tweet your new posts. After you install the plugin, go into it’s settings and make desired changes (I changed the “Minimum age of post” to zero and the Random Time to 1.)

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter auto updates: is another option to autopost to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. When you use a link, you can track stats.

Take a few minutes now to set this up and save time later. If you have other ways to autopost, please leave a comment below.


Video Bootcamp Announcement–Promote What You Know, Do, and Sell with Video

Video is the ideal medium to showcase your talent, build excitement for your event, promote your cause, or preserve precious memories. It’ll do the work of a thousand photos, and YouTube is the perfect outlet for the job. Get found online by learning how to get started with video and building a presence on the number two search engine for free.

Small and intimate setting with lots of individual attention.

  • Uncover show ideas from the work you do every day.
  • Explore recording equipment and software for creating and editing video.
  • Discover simple techniques for planning and organizing each project upfront.
  • Learn where to promote videos that will help build traffic to your sites.
  • Use PowerPoint to create all the graphics you’ll need (the flyer below was created in PowerPoint!).
  • Explore features in YouTube that build interactivity and your brand including annotations, playlists, and social media connections.

We’ll take breaks as needed.

9.00AM-9:30AM, Arrive and set up

9.30AM-10.00AM, Review, Getting Started with Videos (A Webinar on this topic will occur before the training. You’ll be able to attend live at a date TBD).

Or watch the recording at your convenience.)

10.00AM-12.30PM, Using PowerPoint to Create Graphics and Animation for Videos

12.30PM-1.15PM, Lunch and Discussion

1.15PM-2.15PM, Editing Videos – Demo only

2.15PM-6.00PM, Build Your YouTube Channel


Join our Affiliate Program and use your coded link to send to your connections. When they click your link and register, you’ll receive $25.00 within 5 days after the training. Thank you!

Click this link to join or p://

What You Will Need

  • An Internet-ready laptop with PowerPoint loaded. If you want to create a video using PowerPoint, you’ll need version 2010. Otherwise, any version will work.
    Don’t forget your cord, external mouse, and mouse pad.
  • Two or three videos that are 2-10 minutes long saved on your computer or accessible online (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). You’ll learn ways to do this during the Webinar prior to the training. You should hold the full copyright to the videos.
    If you’re not able to record videos prior to coming to this bootcamp, we’ll do so during the breaks. 
  • Ability to be away from your cell phone. We’ll take breaks so you can check messages and email.


  • Refunds are given if you cancel your registration at least ten (10) working days before start date (minus a 25% administration fee). After that, you may send someone in your place, but you must let us know in advance. You will not be able to use payment for a future class because no-shows cost us a seat. We must do this to keep this training affordable.
  • This is an adult event (or mature teens). No exceptions. Please do not cause any embarrassment for either party and adhere to this policy.
  • Recording of any kind is prohibited. Sessions in this training will be recorded for your future viewing.
  • Dress is business or business casual, whichever is more comfortable for you. You’ll want to look your best for recording.
  • The event will be videotaped. Your registering for this event gives us permission to use your image.
  • The event is fragrance-free, please.


TCountry Inn and Suites Hotelhe Country Inn & Suites is about 7 minutes from the Atlanta International Airport (ATL). Offering free airport shuttle, WiFi, free parking, free breakfast, and a whole lot more. No pets allowed.

Free airport shuttle runs 24 hours/day every 30 minutes. You’ll go to Ground Transportation on the Domestic/North Terminal side.

Attendees are responsible for making their own travel accommodations.

Country Inn & Suites by Carlson

5100 West Fayetteville Road
(former address lists Phoenix Blvd)
College Park (Atlanta) GA 30349
(770) 991-1099
Room Rates in $70 per night range
Newly renovated and under new management 

Driving from airport or from downtown Atlanta. 85 South to 285, then 285 East. Exit Riverdale Road, right turn (do not take Riverdale Road on 85). Immediate right at the light onto Phoenix Blvd. Approximately 1 mile to stop light (past Phoenix Pointe), right turn onto West Fayetteville Road and pass Shorter University. You’ll be on it before you see the sign so as soon as you see what looks like a driveway, turn right into the hotel. Free parking.

MARTA RAIL/BUS. You can ride MARTA to the airport and catch the free Country Inn & Suites shuttle. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes, 24 hours/day. You’ll go to Ground Transportation on the Domestic/North Terminal side.

Your Trainer
Peggy Duncan is a personal productivity expert and the founder of The Digital Breakthroughs Institute, a productivity and technology training center in Atlanta, Georgia. She travels internationally helping busy people spend less time working but get more done.

She is the author of Conquer Email Overload with Outlook 2007; The Time Management Memory Jogger™; Just Show Me Which Button to Click! in PowerPoint 2007. Booklets include: Shameless Self-Promotion: Do-It-Yourself SEO; Get Organized At Work and Make It Easy; Computer Magic in Word 2007; and Up to Speed on Your BlackBerry.

Peggy has appeared on NPR, CNN, TODAY, Black Enterprise Business Report, the US Virgin Islands PBS affiliate, and Good Day Atlanta. Her expertise has been cited in Fortune Small Business, O-The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Essence, Fitness, Self, Men’s Health, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and a whole lot more. She was formally trained at IBM where she was recognized by the chairman for streamlining processes that saved the company close to a million dollars a year.

Peggy’s YouTube Channel Check out our how-to computer videos.

Outlook 2010 – Make All Email Accounts Go to Main Inbox (with video)

By Default, Outlook 2010 creates separate Inboxes for each of your email accounts. The question of how to fix this comes up a lot in my training sessions, so I created this video that I hope will ease your frustrations and save you some time…every second needs to count.

The first part of the video shows you what to do if you’ve already created the email POP account in Outlook. Toward the end of the video (1:48), I show you how to set up the POP email account the way you want it in the first place.

NOTE: Instructions don’t work for IMAP accounts. This might be an issue for you if you need to synchronize email across multiple machines. Also note that if you try to use a rule to move the email to a .pst folder, you’ll be removing it from IMAP.