New Laptops Don't Have Modems So I Bought One (USB) and Use with NetZero

USB modem for laptopI travel a lot for business, training everywhere from Australia to Orlando, Florida. On occasion, I’ve been caught with no fast Internet access or cell phone service. Dial-up and NetZero to the rescue. This configuration has come in handy numerous times, and I don’t want to be without it.

I recently purchased a new HP laptop with all the bells and whistles. But the one thing it lacked was a modem. No modem, no dial-up. Fortunately, I found a USB modem at Amazon and ordered it right away. My NetZero account is worth the $5 a month I pay for local access to the Internet everywhere I go.

My new laptop has two 3.0 USB ports, so this should work (I’ve read where people couldn’t get this to work in a lower-owered port). I don’t have a land line at home so I haven’t tested this yet. I’ll update the post if I have problems.

I like to be as prepared as possible, and being the only one in the group who can still download email and get on the Internet to check a flight makes me smile. If you travel, it’s worth every penny.