My Organized Desktop – I Hate Paper and Love Technology

A reporter asked me to describe my home office and wanted to know what type of gadgets I use the most. I took this photo and added explanations.

I use dual monitors, the DYMO LabelWriter to print my own postage, and I have a printer that I rarely use because I hate paper. No land line. Not shown is my card scanner (on a tray under my desk). I scan all relevant business cards and trash the paper.

I use some other gadgets when I’m mobile and will show those later.

Click the photo to enlarge.

UPDATE: Someone just asked how I did this graphic. I took the photo with my iPhone and emailed it to myself. I saved it on my computer and inserted it into a PowerPoint slide as a picture with a blue shape behind it. Then I used callouts (located in Shapes) to create the explanations. After that, I grouped everything as one piece, including the blue shape. Then I right-clicked on the image and saved it as a picture. Easy. If you’d like Advanced PowerPoint training, check out my hands-on classes in Atlanta (most Thursdays).