My iPhone Videos Were Sideways or Upside Down: A Free Solution to this Annoying Problem

What an annoyance! When I’d slide my videos off my iPhone to my Windows laptop, they’d play fine in QuickTime, but sideways or upside down in all of my Windows media software. I turned to Google for a solution and discovered Free Video Flip and Rotate, a free download at (lots of other  downloads here).

This software is so simple and easy to use (when you use it, click the to browse for your files).

It worked great. But then I played the video. My video and voice were not synched. I tried it again, but first, I converted the video to a Windows format (I usually convert to .avi) using the Movavi Video Converter (DVDVideoSoft also has a video converter that might work for you, but I already had Movavi, and it’s the one software that keeps the quality of the video every time).

It’s also best to move the file to your computer first.

What did I do before Google? It solves so many of my problems.

Note: The free Windows Live Movie Maker will rotate your video, but I lost the quality for some reason. You can also rotate a video in YouTube’s video editor, but I work with my videos before uploading.


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