Is Your Business Card Ugly?

When I got back to my office after a few conferences, I started reviewing some of the business cards I’d collected. I kept noticing the same, common missteps business owners continue to make. Here are a few:

  1. No email address.
  2. Email address is illogical, hard to spell, impossible to remember, hard to type, hard to read.
  3.,, instead of
  4. No physical address.
  5. Cheap paper.
  6. Type is too small to read without a magnifying glass.
  7. Background is too wild and text impossible to read or scan.
  8. Design ignores all the rules (e.g., font too fancy for type of business).
  9. Unnecessary words such as “email” before the email address, “Website” before the URL.
  10. Coating on both sides that makes it impossible to take notes on.
  11. Vanity phone numbers such as 400-488-PHONE (not a real number). Don’t make me have to work to call you. Please also include the actual numbers.

Your business card is part of your marketing team, and it needs to be dressed and looking like you mean business. Take a look at yours. Are changes needed?