I Found My FitBit with this App

There’s an app for that.

I couldn’t find my Fitbit. It wasn’t in its set place, and I’d looked everywhere.

App: Find My Fitbit ($5.99) to the rescue! Since I’d paired my Fitbit with my iPhone, this app found it. As I walked slowly around the house, it registered Cold – Warm – or Hot. When I got to my suitcase, it was Hot.


I pack each outfit in separate plastic bags and removed one at a time instead of digging through each one. I removed three of the bags, and the app was still registering Hot for the suitcase. Looked at the fourth bag, and there was my Fitbit clinging to a necklace.

What had happened was… When I was packing, I grabbed a necklace I’d laid aside. The necklace had gotten caught by the Fitbit band magnet.

Have you tried this and it worked? Leave a comment.