How to Use an Older USB Presentation Mouse with the iPad Using a Digital Camera Adapter

iPad with Digital Camera USBI’m using the PowerPoint app on my iPad, and am accessing all my presentations from the Dropbox app. I have adapters for both a VGA and digital projector. The only thing lacking was a wireless presentation mouse that would plug into the iPad lightning port.

I’d purchased the Satechi SP800 Smart-Pointer in 2012 to use with my laptop. It’d be nice if I could get it to work, but the iPad has no USB port. I found a USB adapter for the iPad, but it was for digital cameras. I love shopping on Amazon because previous buyers always offer such great tips and advice. Several of them had mentioned getting this adapter to work with more than just a digital camera. But no guarantees. Couldn’t find anyone who had used it with this wireless mouse.

I ordered it anyway.

I plugged the adapter into the iPad’s lightning port, and plugged the presenter’s dongle into this adapter. Although I got a “not supported” message, it worked! It also worked with my Samson Go-Mic, and my Logitech headset. (I have the iPad 4.)

This solution worked fine if I’m doing a tabletop presentation and don’t need a projector or HDMI TV. I ended up buying a newer  Satechi presenter that works with the iPad, etc.

I’m traveling lighter these days. When I’m doing a PowerPoint-only presentation, no need to take the laptop.


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