How to Sign a PDF (Custom Stamp) or Word Document (AutoText) Without Printing (with video demo)

I want to be as paperless as possible in my business, and have figured out ways to do it.

Consequently, I have a printer in my office that never gets used. I’d covered this in a previous post a few years ago that’s still relevant today.

Too much paper around you (clutter) could come from your printing too much stuff. And one reason to print is when you have to sign something. To eliminate my need to print a client contract so I could sign it and fax it back, I created a custom stamp in Adobe Acrobat to sign PDFs. In Word, I have my signature saved as AutoText and can pop it in whenever and wherever it’s needed by typing a set of keyboard shortcuts.

If you’ve tried a service such as, you’ll find that my way is sooooo much quicker with less clicks and time once you set it up.

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, check out You can complete a form and email, fax, or print it. You can also draw your signature on the screen or upload your scanned signature. There is a cost for this service, but I think it’s worth it if you don’t have Acrobat (29.99 unlimited use, unlimited forms for 365 days; $9.99 unlimited use, unlimited forms for 30 days; and $12.99 unlimited forms for 1 day).

This video is part of my new series for Suite Minute TV: tips that will save minutes or hours every day for people who don’t have a second to spare.

Any ideasĀ  or suggestions on how you run your business or job without printing? Please leave a comment and share.



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