How to Reorder YouTube Playlists and Create New Sections (with video)

One of my YouTube channel (Digitalbreakthroughs) subscribers just asked me how to reorder her playlists (I’d already created a how-to video on how to reorder videos within a playlist). This video will show you how easy it is and also how to create new sections on your channel homepage to better organize what you want people to see.

If you have a question, please either leave a comment below or over on my channel.


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  1. Hi,

    Is there a way to re-order playlists in a section without creating a new section?

    Re: Enclosed YouTube link. Every year I create new playlists (i.e. BLTV News) and want to place them at the head of a section….I just want to find an easy way to do this without having to rebuild each section.

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