How to Make All Outlook 2010 Emails Come Into One (Your Main) Inbox (video)

By Default, Outlook 2010 is set up to create separate Inboxes for each of your email accounts. The question of how to fix this comes up a lot in my training sessions, so I created this video that I hope will ease your frustrations and save you some time…every second needs to count.

The first part of the video shows you what to do if you’ve already created the email account in Outlook (instructions only work for POP email accounts, not IMAP). At the end of the video, I show you how to set up the email account the way you want it in the first place. If you don’t see the Change Folder option as indicated in the video, see the note below.

NOTE: Instructions don’t work for IMAP accounts. This might be an issue for you if you need to synchronize email across multiple machines. Also note that if you try to use a rule to move the email to a .pst folder, you’ll be removing it from IMAP.