How to Find Old, Deleted Websites or Blog Posts: WayBack Machine and Google’s Cache (video)

The WayBack Machine Internet's ArchiveI’m creating a new Website that’s similar to one that I had years ago…a site that’s long ago deleted. I have the files from this site saved on an old laptop that barely boots up, and when it does, it lasts for no more than a minute or two.

Two Ways to Find Oldies

I went to the Internet’s archive, the WayBack Machine. I typed in my old URL, and my entire site came into view. I copied the text on each page, and pasted it in Notepad (to strip out any trashy code that may have been added by publishing the site in FrontPage), and pasted that text onto pages in the new blog. Worked great.

In a previous post, I’d written about how I’d deleted an article in my blog by mistake and how I was able to retrieve it in Google’s Cache (storage from the last time my site had been indexed). I’ve included instructions on how to do that in this video.

Good luck finding what you need. If you have some other ideas, please leave a comment below.



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  1. I accidentally deleted an article I’d spent a lot of time on and was in a small panic. Your helpful post saved me a lot of work trying to recreate it. Thank you so much!

  2. I am trying to find a video I made and loaded it to a file share site in 2006. Any ideas on how I can get that?

  3. What if I don’t know URL of the page I’ve been trying to find? I know it was located on and I know the user name of that person and the title of fanfiction I want to find, but don’t know anything else. Would it be possible to find it? :(

    1. This Website needs the URL. Put everything you know in a Google Search Box to see if a URL is found. Only thing I can think of.

  4. Im trying to enter into two very old blog of tumblr…. When I tried the first option in one of them it says it havent an archive and on the secong one it has 3 registers…. I click but I cant see he pictures or nothing… just the index, profile pick and background, I couldnt click on the gallery neither…
    I try the second option too but google told the that both doesnt exist on cache…. that was weird, I dont know if it has a time limit or there is a way to configurate time on google cache… do ypu know how may I do it… help please

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  6. Thank you so much for this information. I had written a hundred or so blog posts and they were all deleted. I’ve been upset about it for awhile, but now I’m happy. Thank you!

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