How to Create Buzz About You, Your Business

People say they “see me” everywhere. I am a solopreneur, but I have a powerful, international marketing machine in place.

I create buzz using the following methods.

  • My blog. I didn’t jump on the blog bandwagon right away because I’d been publishing a Webzine for years. Now I’m hooked. The best thing about the blog for me is that every time I think of something, I have somewhere to write and publish…unlike my Webzine that only comes out once a quarter. I installed a free widget in my blog that monitors traffic to my blog. Feedjit lets me know where people are coming from and what they typed in the search engine to find an article. I am delighted that people from all over the world are finding my articles.
  • Webzine (more free tips). I started a Webzine in 2001 and published regularly until 2008 because the blog works better for showing up in the search engines.
  • eSeminars (global training via the Web). I conduct seminars via the Web on getting organized and conquering email overload with Outlook. I’ve taught people in England, the Virgin Islands, and the U.S. Companies have also signed up for private sessions for their employees. I’m going to do more of these in 2008.
  • Article submissions to popular Websites. I’m a regular contributor to the stress-related site on When my site doesn’t show up in the search engine, my articles on will. I also have articles published at (this doesn’t show up in search engines as my blog and but it’s still worth it).
  • Media publicity. Journalists contact me all the time. I’m interviewed at least once a week. They find me in the search engines and other publications. I also respond to journalist queries. PRLEADS is a publicity service, and for $99 per month, journalist queries come to your Inbox, you respond, maybe get press. A free query service, HelpAReporterOut works too. I also train journalists and media executives so more of them know who I am and what I’m about. I also publish my own press releases. Note: it is important to show up in the search engines by your topic…not your name…they don’t know your name!
  • Seminars at national conferences. This is my main source of income (usually leads to corporate training gigs too). I love huge audiences and am enjoying building a national reputation.  Check out my schedule on my Website.
  • Workshops open to the public. As a computer trainer, I have to keep my skills up and nothing does that better than conducting hands-on workshops for busy people. I publicize these workshops on my Website and other event sites. I started these sessions to help small business owners who couldn’t afford to bring me to their organizations. As it turns out, corporate employees from companies such as The Home Depot, Hewlett-Packard, Estee Lauder, etc., are enrolling…works for me!
  • Association with credible organizations. I am a SCORE volunteer, and I teach classes at Georgia Tech for faculty and staff on how to get organized.

All these things boost my search engine rankings and help to feed the buzz. I love the fact that when you type in my expertise or training topics in any major search engine, I show up on the first pages. And I never paid one red cent to make it happen.

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