How to Create a YouTube Channel and Take It to the Next Level (a New Booklet and Training)

For the past two or three years, I’ve been creating videos of computer demos and to build excitement about events I’m involved in. When I needed somewhere to put them to gain the most exposure, YouTube was the logical solution. When I found out that YouTube is the number two search engine, I became even more focused on video, and I wanted to take my channel to another level.

UPDATE: YouTube commands change with no warning. I’ve ceased publication of the booklet mentioned below. But you’re in luck because I’ve recorded a lot of how-to videos and put them on my YouTube channel for free. Here is a link to the playlist (bear in mind that YouTube instructions change often. I do check these videos periodically and make changes via the annotations, but they will not be exact).

The Publication
I started digging around YouTube and soon realized there’s a lot more to its capabilities than you see on the surface. I wanted to learn more and looked for a book. The only one I found was over 300 pages and had way more information in it than I needed. I ended up taking all my notes and tips and published How to Create, Build, and Manage a YouTube Channel Made Easy (no longer available). See the update above for another learning opportunity.

Click the image below to visit my channel, DigitalBreakthroughs, and learn from some of my videos. They’re separated into playlists to make it easier to go to what interests you. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on YouTube.PEACE.