How to Change or Customize Your Twitter Background (Skin) to Fit the New 2012 Design Change (with video demo)

I love the new Twitter layout. It’s rolling out and my account was just updated yesterday. I’d recorded a video series on how to create a customized background using PowerPoint, and the last video in the series shows how to upload a new jpeg design to your profile.

This new video is an update. And if you’d like to try creating a new background using PowerPoint, it’s all on my YouTube channel.

If the video series helps, I hope you’ll share it with your network. And feel free to embed it into your Website or blog.



  1. I have been avoiding your PowerPoint tutorials for years! LOL… Now I see this about Twitter and I have to watch, read and learn. I’m going to leave this screen up until I get to it. Thanks Peggy…. for forcing me to use PowerPoint. ;-)

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