How to Add the Windows Media Player to Your PowerPoint Slide

You can insert the Windows Media Player onto a slide and assign a movie to it. During your slide show, you’ll be able to adjust the movie volume, stop it, etc. (the free player must be installed on your computer).

1. Add the Developer tab to the ribbon (click the Office button, PowerPoint Options, Popular, tick Show Developer tab in the Ribbon, OK).

2. Click the Developer tab, More Controls. Scroll to and click Windows Media Player, OK, click and drag on the slide to draw it. Resize from the corners if you need to.

3. Add the movie (RIGHT-click on the player, Properties. You should be on the Alphabetic tab. Double-click (Custom), Browse to find the file, and double-click it.)

4. Close the Properties dialog box, and launch your slide show, OK.

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  1. Hallo, I am Sandeep from India. From few days I am searching a solution for the problem. I am interested in screen casting videos. I have seen a video from IIT person where when the video starts vertically scrolling captions appears. These captions are active means if I click some text then the video jumps to that location of audio. Can you please tell me how to do this. I am sending a link of a capture of this video.

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