Easier Blogging Using WYSIWYG Interface: Windows Live Writer from Microsoft

From a previous post, you’ll come to understand why I’m delighted to work with my new self-hosted WordPress blog. My main issue with it though is the clumsiness with formatting, adding graphics, etc. It isn’t smooth and simple enough.

But Microsoft is continuing to think, and they’re currently offering a free solution that has reduced my aggravation. It’s Windows Live Writer (WLW) and is currently in beta. I don’t have to be online to write my blog posts, and it’s an easier interface that is as slick as creating a document in Word. Get Windows Live Writer here (it’s not Web-based so you’ll have to download it to your computer).

After you download this free software, you’ll have to set up access to your blog. Click Weblog, Add Weblog Account, Another weblog service, enter all of the appropriate information.

It didn’t work.

I logged into my WordPress blog and clicked Settings, Writing. Under the Remote Publishing section, I ticked the XML-RPC box.

After all this was set up, I created this blog entry using WLW. Using this software is very intuitive…just start clicking and you’ll soon figure out how to work with it. Click to Publish and that’s it! Love it! If you’ve been updating your blog directly in WordPress and you decide to try WLW, you’re going to see why I’m so happy!

One more thing, YouTube has several tutorials on how to use WLW.

Update: For a detailed article on the advantages of using Windows Live Writer, see the Contextures blog written by Excel expert, Debra Dalgleish.

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