Don't Let Windows Run Updates Automatically

I was in the middle of an Outlook workshop last week, and Windows notified me that it was about to run an update. I clicked to postpone the update for 4 hours. In four hours, I was still teaching and didn’t get the postpone option. Fortunately, the updates didn’t take long, and after a short break, I was able to continue (after the reboot).

I don’t want this to happen again, so I’ve changed my settings. Here’s how for either Windows Vista or Windows 7.

1. Click the Start button, type Windows Update in the Start Search box.
2. Click Change Settings (you’ll see it in the left column). Then, in the drop-down list, choose Download updates but let me choose whether to install them.

Don’t procrastinate about doing this the way I’d done. I was fortunate the updates ran quickly.